Best Lawyers Of All Time

Published on October 24 2020

So, who are they? Here is a fast look in the wealthiest attorneys in the world, ranked from the lowest net value to the highest. Please be aware that the people on this list are practicing attorneys or judges. There are loads of additional "attorneys " using a considerably higher net worth, but they just possess a law degree and no more use it, best car accident lawyer.

Vernon E. Jordan Jr.: $12 million

Born in 1935, Jordan has enjoyed a long law career that started after his graduation from Howard University. (Additionally, he holds over 70 honorary degrees from various colleges and universities.) He's now the senior council, focusing on overall council, organization, and global law, in Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer, and Feld LLP. His early career focused mostly on civil rights, while he later served as an adviser to President Clinton. Most of his fortune had been earned by representing huge corporations, including Xerox and American Express, as well as spending time as Wall Street banker.

Judge Joe Brown: $30 million

Best known for his day court show which ran for 15 years, Judge Joe Brown received his law degree from UCLA. After working as the initial African American prosecutor at Memphis, TN, he started his own clinic before working as a criminal court judge in Shelby County, TN. While presiding over James Earl Ray's appeal for the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., he caught the eye of TV producers. Most of his wealth had been obtained via the show. In 2014, he ran for district attorney general in Shelby County, but lost to the incumbent.

Alan Dershowitz: $25 million

After graduating from Harvard Law School in 1962, Alan Dershowitz went to work. By 1964, he was a member of the Harvard Law School faculty and in 1967, he was made a full professor. (He murdered in 2013.) While teaching classes, he was also making a name for himself in the criminal law field. As a result of his reputation as the "top lawyer of last resort," he has a bevy of high-profile clients, including Mike Tyson, Jim Baker, Leona Helmsley, O.J. Simpson, and Jeffrey Epstein. In addition, he's written over a dozen novels. Everything collectively helped him collect his fortune

Harish Salve: $6 million

At 59 years old, Harish Salve has worked tirelessly to develop a reputation among India's best (and most expensive) attorneys, specializing in commercial, constitutional, and taxation law. Salve, that comes from a long line of lawyers and previously served as the Solicitor General of India, currently charges clients about $45,000 a day. Along with representing many government entities, big company clients, and industrialist Mukesh Ambani, he has represented Bollywood stars in criminal cases. In fact, he is often known as famed actor Salman Khan's "guardian angel" for keeping him from prison on a hit and run charge. (Indian prisons are notorious for harsh conditions.)

Willie E. Gary: $100 million

Nicknamed "The Giant Killer," Willie Gary has taken on several of the country 's most important corporations, including Anheuser-Busch and Disney. He has won some of the largest settlements and jury awards at the U.S., including several cases valued at over $30 billion. A graduate of Shaw University, he is currently the managing director at Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson, and Gary, P.L.L.C., works as a motivational speaker, and has appeared as a legal analyst on "The Early Show. "

Mark Geragos: $25 million

A 1992 graduate of Loyola Law School, Mark Geragos is a criminal defense lawyer who has also been engaged in a number of landmark civil litigation class action cases. He has represented everyone from Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, and Winona Ryder to Scott Peterson and Susan McDougal. Named "One of the 100 Most Influential Attorneys in California," he also holds a listing for one of the top 10 verdicts in California history for a 2008 situation in which he obtained a jury verdict awarding more than $38 against a pharmaceutical firm. He currently serves as a managing associate at Geragos and Geragos.


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